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power for themselves embodied in their leaders.
A wise and powerful government would at any
cost anticipate and avert these destructive activi-
ties by providing various and interesting new
employment and the necessary condition for a
satisfyingly successful life for everyone. These
young people are life. The rise of the successful *
leader only puts off the trouble for a time. He
seizes power in the name of his movement. And
then ? When the seizure of power has been
effected, he finds himself obliged to keep things
going, to create justification for his leadership,
exciting enterprises, urgencies.
A leader of vision with adequate technical
assistance might conceivedly direct much of the
human energy he has embodied into creative
channels. For example he could rebuild the
dirty, inadequate cities of our age, turn the still
slovenly country-side into a garden and play-
ground, re-clothe, liberate and stimulate imagina-
tions, until the ideas of creative progress became
a habit of mind. But in doing this he will find
himself confronted by those who are sustained by
the pre-emptions and appropriations of the old
order. These relatively well-off people will
bargain with him up to the last moment for their
money and impede his seizure and utilisation of
land and material resources, and he will be